Relief for Hurricane Harvey

Many in the faith community have spent the last days seeing the devastion on the Texas Coast and Houston.  And many have asked how can we help? 

The Faith Communitee of San Antonio has gathered to bring a focused response to the needs of our neighbors and be the Hands and feet of Jesus to our Fellow Texans.  Below are 3 ways you can get involved to serve through your time, talent or treasure. 


CONTACT:  Mel -  210-325-2202


Some have inquired about the need for dual-language.  Our hope is to make sure as we schedule ministry teams, we have folks on the ground who can communicate w/ people who only speak Spanish.  Thank you for your help. We’ll make a note on your intake forms so we can help w/ scheduling.

Serve Opportunity #1- Volunteer at Shelter

  • You are going to sweat, serve food, pick up stuff, etc...
  • Physical Labor Hands and Feet
  • Get online at to register to serve (complete background check, and then they will schedule a time for you to come for the 1-hr training)


  • Saturday, 10:00 – 11:00 am at Community Bible Church – General Volunteer Training
  • Remember – we may have more people that are trained and ready to go, but you might not be needed.  Our obedience is in saying “Here am I, send Me.”  As God needs us, He will deploy us.
  • Shelter Volunteers must be 18 years old & Older
  • 4 hour shifts in a shelter to serve.
  • BIG NEED for “Room Monitors” to make sure children and adults are safe.

"What if we cannot attend Saturday?"
This is our only opportunity for Large Group Training at this time.  You can still go to and complete the Background check.  Once completed by Red Cross, they will contact you for training at their location.

Serve Opportunity #2- Provide meals for  RED CROSS HEAD QUARTERS

This is a great place for people to serve who might need a 1-time place to serve.  No Background check needed to serve at Red Cross HQ. Many of the volunteers here have been working for 36 hours with only short naps and your hot meal would shine brightly.

Food / Hospitality

  • Serving about 50 people
  • People coming to SA from all over the country to serve our city
  • Need Restaurants, Donors, etc... so please connect your contacts to Mel.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks

                8:00 am
              11:30 am
                4:45 pm

  • Needs to be Dropped Off if at all possible.
  • Volunteers can go pick-up food and bring back to Red Cross if restaurant/donor cannot deliver.
  • Small tangible way to make  HUGE contribution w/o high commitment.
  • Ideas how your can Church Groups or business could sponsor a meal or day at HQ.  (Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, BBQ teams, etc...)


CONTACT:  Ken Hicks -  210-845-5230

Spiritual Care Providers

These are the people w/in the Body of Christ who are Pastors or have a Pastors at Heart.  (Pastors, Staff, Deacons, Elders, and Leaders)

  • Focus on moving around the shelter hearing stories, praying for people, loving people, encouraging people, etc...
  • 3 hour training required prior to being deployed into a Shelter.
  • $3 ... for 3 hours ... for 3 years worth of qualification for any relief in the state of Texas


  • Friday morning 9:00 am – 12:00 noon Friday capped at 40 people (first come first serve, so call/text Dan Franklin ASAP at 210-842-8221)
  • Saturday from 9:00 – 12:00 pm at Community Bible Church at 2477 N. Loop 1604 E., SA, Tx  78232. 
  • No pre-registration needed, but you do need to complete the background check and registration w/ Red Cross.  Email Dan Franklin at for the background form.  (this form is different than a shelter volunteer due to the accessibility and coverage needed)

KEN HICKS will coordinate w/ specific churches and Volunteers to Delegating the shift work for the 5 Shelters (we want to make sure we try to get churches/volunteers to the location closest to your campus, but also make sure all locations have Spiritual Care Providers)

NOTICE:  You can pick up folks and take them to a gathering of worship on your campus (we cannot host a worship experience a the Shelter site).

At your Worship Experience you can:

  • Pray specifically over them
  • Feed them
  • Love them
  • Provide Children’s Programming w/ the children
  • Etc...

BUT... transportation, check-in systems, meals, etc... are all the host church’s responsibility. 
Need a 1 page handout to distribute to the folks in the shelter


CONTACT:  Gilbert Hernandez – Youth for Christ 210-697-7052

This is an awesome place to involve Children’s Ministry Leaders, Sports Ministry Leaders, Teachers, Coaches, etc...   The children are begging for something to be engaged either in the evening, weekends, or during the day.  We’re hoping to provide a variety of options for each shelter.

Faith Neutral Programming

  • Bible Lite so to speak – especially for kids (Youth for Christ)
  • NEED: Pre-School & Elementary Expertise – contact Gilbert
  • Backyard Bible Club kind of ministry
  • Sports Camp

Children's Ministry

Be watching for an update tomorrow as we get additional details about training needed for people who desire to operate Sports Camp, VBS type ministry, etc...  Remember, we’ll need to coordinate material to make sure we are honoring all the children in the shelter.  We are hoping to find out which training Saturday Children’s Ministry folks will need to attend.


CONTACT:  Mel -  210-697-7052

How to Give?

How can I donate resources that we know will be most effective?  Our partnership w/ the Red Cross SA allows us to engage in the HOPE of Jesus while meeting physical needs. 


Channel 4 Telethon – 210-366-1434

  • Matching Gift for ALL DAY!  Every $1 is worth $2 today.
  • Text to Give – in process – we’ll coordinate the # to you later

How to Come together to beat Harvey

$10 donation


Non perishable items, diapers, formula, are all to be dropped off at SA Food Bank.
You can serve/volunteer at the SA Food Bank to sort and prepare meals.

Bottled Water or Gift Cards for Wal-Mart or HEB to Community Bible Church until Thursday 9:00 pm.  CBC is open to ANYONE coming to drop off, and they will handle collection and distribution, which can alleviate stress and system on your staff if you desire.


All clothing donations are to be dropped off at the Salvation Army.
You can serve/volunteer at the Salvation Army to sort and put clothing on racks/boxes to be able to be distributed by size/gender to those in need.


ACTION STEPS TO CONSIDER AS A Church Leader or Business Owner:

  • Leverage your faith community (your church or business) to begin to engage.  
  • Have everyone who desires to serve w/ Red Cross complete Background Check (either shelter volunteer or Spiritual Care Provider)
  • Leverage your Pastoral and Business Network to engage other in the Bodies of Christ in this process.
  • Now that we have a plan (at least of how to start), let’s engage our brothers and sisters in this journey with us.
  • Leverage your online and Social Media Presence to spread the word.  Let’s invite the city to participate.
  • We Are:  The Faith Community Coming Together – How can we serve Best?