A volunteer/mentor with SAYFC is a caring, responsible, Christian adult volunteer who serves as a trusted friend, support, and guide to a vulnerable youth in their community for a period of at least one school year. A volunteer/mentor builds a relationship based on trust and acceptance with their mentee, which provides a foundation for positive mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.

Becoming a Volunteer/Mentor

  1. Submit online application 
  2. Attend a Safety Training (2 Hours)
  3. Agree to a background check by YFC Mentoring & Partnering Entity
  4. Participate in a personal interview with a YFC Mentoring staff member or partnering Church Liaison
  5. Complete online Sex Offender Video training (Child Abuse Prevention)
  6. Become matched *Only if pass background check and complete 1-6 
  7. Be a positive role model by demonstrating a faith-filled Christian life.
  8. Establish appropriate boundaries with Youth and their families as described in our Safety/Mentor Orientations.
  9. Seek to help youth find their God-given potential through encouragement and support
  10. Build relationships with youth based on trust and respect.
    • Attend Mentor training/orientation session (3 hours minimum)
    • Abide by all of the Mentor Responsibilities and Guidelines listed in the Mentor Orientation
    • YFC Mentor Session weekly/monthly for each youth you are mentoring through Wufoo
    • Participate in 1 additional training session or mentor support group each year.
    • Responsibilities to Mentee (if matched) & YFC Mentoring 
      • Commit to a one-school-year mentoring relationship with a protégé
      • Spend time with your mentee weekly for at least 1 hour each meeting or monthly for at least 3.5-4 hours
      • Communicate with your Mentoring Coach monthly and willingly receive and implement advice
      • Honor all commitments made to your mentee


  1. Be at least 18 years of age, living in the vicinity of San Antonio for last 6 months.
  2. Be actively involved in your church.
  3. Be living in a vital relationship with Christ as demonstrated by:
    • Seeking God through prayer, reading the Scripture and fellowship in a local church
    • Pursuing holiness and shunning any obstacle to communion with Christ
    • Seeking to honor Christ in work, relationships, sexuality, and emotions.
  4. Be able and willing to guide a child into a personal relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ.
  5. Have a desire to build a genuine and caring relationship with a child.
  6. Have the physical and emotional health to provide a consistent, caring relationship.
  7. Must obtain annual approval and Safety Training Renewal from YFC


Anyone who has been involved in a crime against a vulnerable person (child, disabled adult) would not be suitable to volunteer/mentor with SAYFC. Those with any other past criminal record should speak with the mentoring team. For all else, refer to YFC Safety Standards.